The purpose for which this association is organized is to develop amateur sports programs for the youth of the Hightstown and East Windsor Township areas and neighboring townships.
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Registration OPENS on May 5th
Registrations will conclude on August 12th.
(Late fee will start on July 1st)


Slots are available for all players ages 4-17

Please go to to register for the 2013 season.  If you choose to register by mail please complete the registration form on the HEWYBL website and mail to HEWYBL, PO Box 172 , Hightstown , NJ 08520 . 

If you wish to coach this season please complete the Coaches application on the HEWYBL website and mail to HEWYBL, PO Box 172 , Hightstown , NJ 08520 .

If you choose to sponsor a team, please go to the HEWYBL website and complete a copy of the sponsor form and mail your sponsor payment to HEWYBL, PO Box 172 , Hightstown , NJ 08520 . 


At HEWYBL, our mission is to promote competitive and recreational sports for children of all abilities, to educate them in the fundamentals of sports and instruct them in superior sportsmanship and competitiveness. We believe this mission will better prepare children for the challenges they face both as children and as adults.

Our vision, as an independent organization, is to provide a means by which athletics can be facilitated to meet the varying needs of all of the children in our community. Our goal is to provide support, education, guidance, and fundraising to the local scholastic, recreational, and competitive athletic organizations in order to enhance the athletic program throughout Hightstown/East Windsor and the surrounding communities.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail

Thank you,

VP Football
Rich McAleer


Select a Category:


Freshman: Age 4-5 as of 9/1/2013  


Sophomore: Ages 6-8 as of 9/1/2013 


JV: Ages 9-11 as of 9/1/2013


Varsity: Ages 12-14 as of 9/1/2013  


Sr. Varsity: Ages 15-17 as of 9/1/2013  







1. Where do you play?  HANCOCK FIELD

2. How often do you practice?  Are practices on weeknights or weekends?

Up to coaches but usually one or two time a week up til Oct 1 ( then it's too dark)   


3. How many games each week? 

2 games a week until after fourth week 6 - (one week night one weekend.) then Saturday only.


 4. How long is the season?

 First week of September to the first week of November.


5. Is there a volunteer obligation?  If so, what is it?

 100% volunteer organization but no work obligation but do have $35.00/$50.00 fundraising fee - - we just hope you have time to help but like other youth sport programs 5% of the parents do 95% of the work.


 6. What is the August practice schedule?

Teams are being selected at the end of August .  Coaches will schedule their own practices and team meet and greets shortly thereafter. Practices are up to the coaches but usually once a week for the youngest, two times a week for others – with vacations still going on it almost impossible to get an entire team to show up – so it varies greatly among ages and coaches vacation plan

7. Do you provide uniforms?

NFL provides uniforms (Team Jersey) and flags as part of the fees.  Parents provide mouth piece (mandatory), shoes, pants, socks etc.



  HANCOCK Field Layout